(by Wilhelmina S. Orozco)

What accounts for the significance of an artistic work? Is it the medium, the name of the artist, the content of the art object? The period when the artwork was completed?

Undiscovered Artists: Alwin Reamillo

(by John Mateer)

It is possible to have been discovered and remain undiscovered. This is true of Alwin Reamillo. Few in Australia know Reamillo’s work or that he has been working in Western Australia for over a decade.

The Market-Nation State and Citizen Crab

(by Dr. Christopher Crouch)

When my love swears she is made of truth, I do believe her though I do she lies:

William Shakespeare, Sonnet 138

Semena Santa Cruxtations

The gallery is filled with sand and transformed into a littoral zone where clusters of crabs, bearing cryptic messages congregate and proliferate. Detritus that might wash up on the shoreline is scattered on the sand, each piece layered with appropriated iconography. A pseudo-retablo banner, a palimpsest of transfigured images – Mickey Mouse, the Last Supper, Ronald MacDonald, Captain Cook and the Virgin Mary are nailed unto the walls. Like a movie billboard, the retablo advertises the next attraction, Second Coming Soon!

Rachel Weiss: Sixth Havana Biennial

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Ideally, a biennial is an opportunity to redraw the global map with the center newly located. As new areas log on to the global contemporary circuit, a biennial can magnetize a location, drawing in attention, ideas and works from faraway places and aligning them with the local reality. A biennial can also serve the parallel function of directing local attention (of both artists and public) outward, toward those places, trends and individuals with strongest relevance to the interests of the biennial epicenter.

Playing things by ear

(by Ric Spencer)

PERTH, Western Australia- Everything seems to be hanging in the balance these days; the credit economy, sub-prime mortgages, governments. So much so, there seems no point in laying out definitive plans and aiming towards concrete goals…nope, it’s better to play it by ear.

Performance Resurrected

I embarked on a short visit to Manila in late November from Perth, a prelude to a project called the life and wandering times of arnulfo tikb-ang, a performance work-in-progess. The purpose of the visit was to track and bring together people I had not seen for many years—people who worked closely with my father, a piano-maker, who passed away 20 years ago.

Of Butterfly Wings and the Great Barrier Roof

Galleria Duemila presents ‘Play by Ear (Oido)’: a two-part installation work by Western Australia-based artist Alwin Reamillo. The first part of the exhibit opens on 6 December 2008, while the second part starts on 5 January 2009.

‘Play by Ear (Oido)’ is an exploration of the social and cultural landscapes of two cities (Manila and Fremantle) and the movement between them. Seen from a perspective of an artist who is always in transit, it is a poetic reflection on the many contradictions, disjunctions and divisions of urban living.

Making Do: The Mang Emo + Mag-himo Grand Piano Project

(by Eileen Legaspi-Ramirez)

There is something undeniably romantic and gung-ho about piecing forlorn fragments into a melodious whole.


(by Eileen Legaspi-Ramirez)

At the outset, one could say Clouds and Wings's ether-evoking tone gets quickly offset by its various articulations on the workings of terra firma. And let it not be forgotten that this is as much about pairings once rent and presently in detente.


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